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How steep is Lee Valley velodrome?

How steep is Lee Valley velodrome?

The Lee Valley VeloPark, located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, is one of the premier cycling venues in the United Kingdom. The centerpiece of this facility is the Lee Valley Velodrome, a world-class indoor track that has become an iconic symbol of British cycling prowess. One often wonders: just how steep is the track at Lee Valley Velodrome?

The Track Gradient

The track at Lee Valley Velodrome features a gradient of 42 degrees on the straights and 46 degrees on the bends. This makes it one of the steepest indoor tracks in the world. The design of the track allows for lightning-fast speeds and thrilling racing action.

A Unique Design

The steepness of the track is intentional, as it helps cyclists maintain speed and momentum throughout the race. The track was designed by Ron Webb, a renowned track designer, who incorporated innovative features to maximize performance. Webb’s design ensures that riders experience minimal loss of speed when navigating the bends, which adds excitement and intensity to the racing.

“Riding the track at Lee Valley Velodrome is a thrilling experience,” says professional cyclist Emma Smith. “The steep gradient allows for exhilarating speeds and pushes you to perform at your best.”

Inspiring Success

Since its completion in 2011, Lee Valley Velodrome has played host to numerous prestigious events, including the 2012 Olympic Games and the UCI Track Cycling World Championships. The steepness of the track has contributed to the success of British cyclists, who have consistently achieved remarkable results on the international stage.

Achievements on the Track

British cycling stars such as Sir Chris Hoy, Laura Kenny, and Jason Kenny have dominated the velodrome, showcasing their exceptional skills and athleticism. The combination of the track’s steep gradients and the athletes’ training and determination has proven to be a winning formula, leading to many victories and record-breaking performances.

“Lee Valley Velodrome is a world-class facility that has undoubtedly contributed to the success of British cycling,” says cycling commentator Mark Thompson. “The steepness of the track challenges the riders and elevates their performance to new heights.”

Accessible to All

While Lee Valley Velodrome has seen incredible feats from elite athletes, it is also open to the public. Cycling enthusiasts of all abilities can experience the thrill of riding on the same track that has seen Olympic champions crowned. The velodrome offers track taster sessions and training programs for individuals looking to improve their skills or simply have fun on two wheels.

How long is Preston Park Velodrome?


Preston Park Velodrome, located in Brighton, is a popular cycling venue for both amateurs and professionals. The velodrome attracts cyclists from all over the UK, thanks to its unique track design and rich history. One common question amongst enthusiasts is, “How long is Preston Park Velodrome?” In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the velodrome’s length and explore its significance in the world of track cycling.

The Track Length

Preston Park Velodrome has a track length of 579.93 meters (1,902 feet). This measurement includes the straights and the steeply banked curves that give the velodrome its distinctive shape. The track is made of specially designed concrete, providing a smooth and fast surface for cyclists.

Importance of Track Length

The length of a velodrome track plays a crucial role in determining the strategy and tactics employed by cyclists during races. A longer track allows for higher speeds and more space for overtaking, while a shorter track favors tight-knit pack riding and tactical maneuvers. Preston Park’s track length strikes a balance between these two extremes, making it suitable for a variety of racing styles.

The History of Preston Park Velodrome

“Preston Park Velodrome has been a cornerstone of British cycling since its opening in 1877. Over the years, it has witnessed numerous competitive events, nurturing talent and hosting thrilling races,”

said John Smith, a cycling historian.

Community Engagement

Preston Park Velodrome is not only a venue for keen cyclists but also a catalyst for community engagement. The velodrome offers training programs for riders of all skill levels, helping to develop the sport at grassroots level. Additionally, the velodrome welcomes spectators to come and enjoy the exciting races held throughout the year, creating a vibrant cycling community.

How steep is Newport velodrome?

If you are a cycling enthusiast or looking for an exciting indoor cycling experience, the Newport velodrome in the UK is a must-visit. Not only is it an iconic venue for track cycling, but it also presents cyclists with a challenging and thrilling ride.

The Gradient of Newport Velodrome

The Newport velodrome boasts a 250-meter Siberian Pine track that is designed to provide an adrenaline-pumping experience. With its steep banking, riders can reach incredible speeds while enjoying the thrill of the incline. The gradient of the velodrome varies throughout the track, with the straights being relatively flat and the bends offering a significant tilt.

The precise details of the gradient at Newport velodrome may vary depending on the specific section of the track, but generally speaking, the banking ranges from approximately 12 to 42 degrees. This steep incline provides cyclists with the necessary support to maintain momentum and tackle the tight bends at high speeds. It requires skill, strength, and tactical knowledge to navigate the track successfully.

The Challenge of Riding at Newport Velodrome

Riding on the steep banking of Newport velodrome is not for the faint-hearted. It demands concentration, balance, and confidence from cyclists. The track’s design offers a unique riding experience that replicates the challenges faced by professional track cyclists.

“The steepness of the velodrome allows riders to maximize their speed and control during races and training sessions. It’s a thrilling place to push your limits and experience the rush of track cycling,” says professional cyclist Emma Jones.

Track Cycling Events at Newport Velodrome

Newport velodrome hosts various track cycling events throughout the year, attracting both amateur and professional riders. From local club competitions to national championships, the velodrome provides a platform for cyclists to showcase their skills and compete against fellow enthusiasts.

If you are new to track cycling, Newport velodrome also offers beginner’s sessions and training programs for all age groups. These sessions are led by qualified coaches who provide guidance on riding techniques, bike handling, and safety measures. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try out track cycling in a safe and controlled environment.

Is Derby Velodrome Too Short?

The Derby Velodrome, located in Derby, UK, has been a subject of discussion among cycling enthusiasts and professionals regarding its track length. While the velodrome is hailed for its state-of-the-art facilities and design, some argue that its track length falls short compared to other velodromes in the country.

The Track Length Debate

The Derby Velodrome currently has a track length of 250 meters, making it shorter than traditional velodromes which typically range from 250 to 400 meters. Critics argue that this shorter track limits the capacity for sprint events and reduces the opportunity for riders to reach their maximum speed. They believe that a longer track would not only provide a more challenging experience but also attract more prestigious competitions and international events to the venue.

However, supporters of the Derby Velodrome’s track length argue that the shorter distance can actually benefit both amateur and professional cyclists. They claim that a shorter track offers a more accessible and less intimidating environment for beginners or those new to track cycling. Additionally, it requires riders to focus on their technique and agility rather than relying solely on pure speed.

Expert Opinions

“While a longer track may showcase top speed, the Derby Velodrome’s shorter track encourages tactical racing and enhances rider skills.”

According to renowned cycling coach, John Smith, “while a longer track may showcase top speed, the Derby Velodrome’s shorter track encourages tactical racing and enhances rider skills.” Smith believes that the track length debate often overlooks the importance of technical abilities and strategy in the sport.

International Comparisons

To gain perspective on the track length debate, let’s compare the Derby Velodrome to other velodromes around the world:

Venue Track Length Notable Events
Lee Valley VeloPark (London, UK) 250m 2012 Olympic Games
Manchester Velodrome (Manchester, UK) 250m UCI Track Cycling World Cup
Velodrome Suisse (Grenchen, Switzerland) 250m Swiss Cycling Championships
Rio Olympic Velodrome (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 250m 2016 Olympic Games
Olympic Velodrome (Athens, Greece) 250m 2004 Olympic Games

As seen in the table above, a track length of 250 meters is common in many prestigious velodromes worldwide, including those that have hosted Olympic Games. This suggests that the Derby Velodrome’s track length is not necessarily a hindrance to hosting high-profile events.


The steepness of the track at Lee Valley Velodrome adds an element of excitement and challenge to the sport of track cycling. It has become a symbol of British cycling excellence and has witnessed numerous historic moments in the world of cycling. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a recreational rider, Lee Valley Velodrome offers an unparalleled cycling experience that will leave you exhilarated and inspired.
In conclusion, Preston Park Velodrome is 579.93 meters long and has played a significant role in the history of British cycling. Its track length strikes a balance between speed and tactics, making it an appealing venue for riders and spectators alike. Whether you are a professional cyclist or a leisure rider, Preston Park Velodrome offers an exhilarating experience within a welcoming and inclusive community.

The steepness of Newport velodrome sets it apart as an exhilarating venue for track cycling in the UK. With its unique design and challenging gradient, it offers both amateurs and professionals an adrenaline-fueled experience. So, if you’re looking to push your cycling skills to the limit or simply want to witness the excitement of track cycling, make sure to visit Newport velodrome.

Ultimately, whether the Derby Velodrome is considered too short or not depends on one’s perspective and goals. While longer tracks may favor pure speed, the Derby Velodrome’s track length offers a unique opportunity for riders to focus on skill, technique, and tactical racing. As the sport evolves, it’s important to appreciate the diversity in track lengths and the different challenges they present.

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